BEEMOB STUDIO As a young studio in the field of mobile game production, we – young people who are passionate with the desire to conquer, hope to bring to the international market quality products that are loved and enjoyed by millions of people in all over the world.


With the desire to build a professional company in the field of game production, BeeMob strives to create the top quality games in the world; In addition, we also want to create excellent products that have value in all aspects (entertainment, humanities, finance), in order to contribute to improving the quality of human life, enhance the position of the Vietnamese game production industry in the international arena.


Products: Creates quality products with high value in all aspects, topped the Tier 1 markets.
Employees: Creates the conditions to satisfy the needs and expectations of all the employees to promote the creativity, dedication and enthusiasm in each team members.
Community: To contribute to the development and support of the community, BeeMob proactively creates, and at the same time, wishes to participate and contribute to programs aimed at the society.


Respect each member’s opinion – preferences – style.
Respect the rules and regulations.
Pay attention to the development of individual capabilities.
Young – dynamic – creative and flexible environment.


1. Morality
– We respect established standards and act ethically.
2. Human
– We always focus on our employees, considering them as the most valuable asset; We strive to build a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment; We hope to implement the best welfare policies that create high income conditions and equal growth opportunities for all employees.
– We always put the customer first, always strive to bring the most perfect products, taking customer satisfaction as a measure of success.
– We aim to create high-value products and services, build a strong company in all aspects to participate in activities to contribute and build a better society.
3. Passion
– We have a common goal of gathering people with passion to create high-value products and services; Each BeeMob member works with his passion and enthusiasm to contribute to creating high value products.
– We aim to build a lean team, with both ethics and talent, where each member is excellent in his field of work.
– We want to find the most suitable people, put the right people in the right things to do their best, but also screen out those who are not suitable.
4. Creativity
– We always appreciate creativity, consider creativity as vitality, as leverage for development, in order to create different values and unique identities in each product and service.
– We encourage the discovery and application of the latest technological advances in management and production; We always proactively improve, grasp market trends to improve the quality of products and services.
– We uphold the spirit of not being afraid to learn, self-study and “surpass yourself”.
5. Speed
– We take “Speed, efficiency in each action” as the guideline and take “Quick decision – Quick implementation – Quick adaptation” as the value of our identity.
– We appreciate the initiative of each member, thereby helping each individual work most effectively and quickly.

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